Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PEC tube completed

     Randy's septus has improved enough that they did is PEC tube today.  If you don't know what a PEC tube is it is a feeding tube that goes directly from his abdomine into his stomach.  So it is not going down through his nose and throat anymore.  They like to do them when they will be on a feeding tube for an extended time.  He went down to radiology where they do the procedure at 8:30 a.m.  It is amazing what they have to do to move him.  They have to put all the machines he is hooked to onto portable machines and then they stack them on his bed or roll them behind the bed.  Then a respiratory therapist, and his nurse have to go down with him to watch all the monitors while they do the procedure.  They stay with him the whole time.  There is hardly room in the bed for him.  I watched a U tube video of the procedure the night before.  You can find out anything on U tube. I didn't want to see them do that to someone I know personally.  They say it is not too bad to recover from, just like a stuff muscle.
    The Dr's said they could move him to a ICU rehad now but the Insurance Company is not cooperating now.  They have to submit their approvial again.  They said they hadn't recieved their premium for Oct yet (It's the 1st) and they couldn't approve the move without it.  I checked my bank statement and it was automatically withdrawn today, just like normal.  You would think they would want to save themselves thousands of dollars and move him sooner than later.  It will probably be the weekend until they get the approval and they have weekends off so they don't do it then either.  I guess I better unclude the Insurance Co in my prayers. Or maybe the Lord knows best and he isn't supposed to move yet.  Maybe there is something that will come up that he needs to be in the hospital for.  Who knows. I guess I will still include them in my prayers that they will do what's right at the right time.  This is really all in the Lord's hands, I trust in him.  Bless you all for your prayers for him.

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  1. Thank you Marie for letting us know what is going on. We think about randy all the time. He is in all our prayer