Saturday, October 4, 2014

"I love you"

   Today I went up and listened to conference with Randy.  This was a "sleepy day"  I only saw 1/2 of one eyelid opening for a short time.  I do think he slept some of the time during conference but so did his mom.  Usually I have a hard time staying awake.  Today during the 2nd sesson of conference I gave Randy a manicure.  When you don't move your hands for a month they get a lot of skin build up on them.  Kind of like when you take a cast off from a broken bone, lots of skin to sluff off.  Once I got a little close when I was scraping the excess skin off from beneath his fingernails and he pulled his arm away from me.  I must have hurt him.  But it was cool to see him move a little.

   The best part was when I was saying good bye to him.  He had one eye 1/2 way open and was trying to focus on me.  Randy has told me he loves me every single day of our married life.  (until he couldn't say anything)  So I was saying good bye and I told him I loved him and he looked like he was trying so hard to say it back to me.  He flinched his arms and moved his foot and had a look in his eyes that looked like he was trying so hard to say it back but couldn't.  I knew what he was trying to tell me.  It kinda cracked me up but that's what loving your partner is all about.  Tell your spouse you love and appreciate them today because you may not be able to say it tomorrow.


  1. Love this post. Thanks for the updates Aunt Marie! Love to all - Candace