Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Waiting game!

Well last weekend they took Dad over to Utah Valley to have another EEG done.  This is to check the brain activity going on.  They are concerned about a few things, one of which is being seizures.  The EEG will tell us, A. If he is in a constant state of seizure.... which would be bad.  and B. If he even has any brain function.  We are of course hoping that he does.   Obviously!

The Dr. told us that we would hear back on Monday... so naturally, that is when we were expecting to hear whether our sweet Dad was even alive in his brain or not.  My mom was sick on Sunday and Monday so we took turns going in so that Dad wouldn't be alone.  

When I walked into the room,  I asked my grandma if we have heard anything back yet, the nurse piped in and said to not expect to hear anything soon.... She was NOT being very helpful, to put it lightly.  She also was a little tired of explaining why we didn't have the EEG results yet, and told me, and apparently all my siblings, that they probably wouldn't even be here till the end of the week. That they were doing all they could, so that there was no need for us to be asking them further about the results...    I was a little miffed.   I'm sorry, lady, for caring and wondering whether my dad was ok.  Heaven forbid.

Sorry for that little soap box!

Anyway, we are all just practicing our EXCELLENT patience, and will be waiting a little longer.   In the mean time, from an outsiders point of view... My Dad seems to be doing the same.  he is still twitching his left foot.  He still grinds his jaw, however he now wears a mouth guard,  and he still rolls his shoulders inward.  Today  we will be adding swallowing!  He reached his new record of swallowing 17 times.  Thats his most recent trick!  Way to go dad!

We are thankful continually for all the prayers and for the help we are constantly receiving!  We love you all very much!  It seems that when we hear that someone is praying or fasting it just shows me how much my dad means to all of you!  As well as how much our Savior loves us!  We are VERY blessed!  Thank you again.

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