Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pneumonia .... again

     They have been trying to wean Randy off the ventilator for the last few days.  Yesterday he started to run a fever.  Today they did a chest X-Ray and found a little bit of fluid in one lobe of his lungs.  They started him on a different type of antibiotic and turned his ventilator up to support his breathing better.  This is the third time they have tried to turn his ventilator down and the third time he has developed fluid in his lungs after doing it.  I think I will point that out to the Dr. tomorrow when I see him.  They need to wean  him off it at a slower pace.    When he gets  pneumonia all his movements slow down.   It is frustrating to me, but on the whole he is moving a little more all the time. 
     Another thing that is weird about this illness is that one day he will be moving his feet a little and then the next few days he won’t move them at all and he will turn his head or twitch his arms a little.  Just because he can move one thing one day doesn’t mean he will be able to do it tomorrow. 

     Thank you for fasting and praying for him today.  I appreciate it. I told him that they were doing a stake wide fast for him.  I hope he heard me. 

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  1. We just found your blogspot. So relieved to have an update. We love you all so much. I have kept your names in the temple as I am sure everyone is. Mark is very willing to meet with you and see if there is anything he can do as an attorney to set up things for you in finances etc. Please let us know if we can help.