Monday, October 6, 2014

Same every day?

      Randy seems almost the same to me every day, probably because I see him every day.  Ray was one of his visitors yesterday.  He hadn't seen him since Monday.  He said he looked better than 6 days ago.  He told me because I see him every day I don't notice the differences, kind of  like little kids,  If you don't see them for a month you notice their growth, but seeing them every day you don't notice.  He is moving his feet more.  He resisted a little when they were moving his arms during physical therapy, but he didn't open his eyes at all today, only 1/2 way when moving him.  
     James Chadwick,  our foster son, came to see him.  James loves Randy tons. He doesn't really have a testimony of Priesthood Blessings, so it is hard on him to see him so fragile.  I am so grateful that I have a testimony of them.  I have complete faith that he will completely recover his health and strength. It is what has kept me from despair and discouragement. 
   Here is a quote from Josh's letter I got today.

  "Be strong and of good courage!!! 
I know that we reach a point in our lives where we need a trials to progress further spiritually.. I know!!! that dad will be ok and that brother Lindley’s blessing  that he gave dad was not from him but was truly directed by the spirit and is meant for dad so that he can still progress in this life  to have compassion for the sick people in this world... and for the fellow ward members that are dealing with illnesses in the ward.”

Boy missionaries get smart. So now you know that Josh is doing OK on his mission and is doing fine being gone from our family while his Dad is sick.


  1. Wow what insight from Josh!! Thanks for all the posts!!

  2. So good to see the faith and insight both you and Josh have. We love you and continue to pray that Bishop Loveless will gain the ability to express his needs.