Saturday, October 25, 2014

Remember the Priesthood Blessings

    Things are getting a little harder for Randy the last couple of days.  He is still retaining fluid in his tissues.  They are giving him a diuretic every day now to help remove some of them.  His white blood count is up again so they started him on an antibiotic again.  They ran all the cultures again to try to find out where the infection is coming from.  He has fluid in his lungs so it is harder for him to breath.  They have not tried to take him off the ventilator at all for the last 2 days. They also have not done PT or Speech Therapy either. (Speech therapy is trying to help him learn to swallow again.) They have this machine they use on him to loosen the secretions in his lungs.  It's like a big vibrator but rougher.  They run it on his chest, then suction his trek.  He has started having "eppisodes" where things get a little crazy, his vital signs are off, and he looks like he is going into respiratory failure again.  The Dr thinks maybe he is having mini seisures because of his brain injury.  Today they took him by ambulance to Ut Valley Hospital and did a EEG on him to check if he was having them.  If he is then they would probably have to transport him to University of Utah hospital in SLC and put him on monitors full time to see if and when he is having seisures. We will probably not know the results of the EEG until Monday.  There has been no one to read the EEG results, as it is a weekend.
     When all of this happens and he is doing so poorly I just have to remember the Priesthood blessings he had that promised that he would return to full health and strength.  I put trust in the Lord and expect him to fulfil his promises.
     P.S. Thank you to all my sisters for the help in the garden.  It was fun to work along side with you. It takes a load off so I can spend my time with Randy. Thanks again, you are GREAT!!!

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