Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Normal EEG!

Dads EEG came back, It was normal! No seizure activity!

Family blessings

     I have a sweet sister who is a PA (Physicians Assistant) for a cardiologist.  She works down at UVRMC, where Randy had his EEG.  Randy has been having fluid overload problems, which causes him to retain water.  He previously had low BP so they had to up his fluid intake, plus his IV antibiotics.  This is in his feet and hands and lungs and basically everywhere.  They are monitoring it and treating it.  There could be a heart condition, kidney problems or electrolite problems causing it.  It is a concern for me so I called my sister for a little medical coaching, since the heart is her speciality.  She told me what they should be doing, then I went to the hospital and my favorite and nicest nurse came and talked to me, even though she wasn't Randy's nurse that day.  She told me that they were checking all his blood  and enzyme levels every day.  They do it at 3 a.m.  No wonder I didn't know they were doing it.  She let me know that they were doing everything that they should be doing.  His albumin level is going up.  It's 15 and 16 is normal. His kidney levels look good and his heart is good too.  My sister is friends with the neurologist and she said, "she owes me a favor" so she is hoping that she runs into her at the hospital today while she is doing rounds. She said there is a shortage of neurologists in Ut county and they are very over worked.  Hense the delay in reading the EEG.
     Kati's last blog said she was wondering if he was even in there.  I know he is.  I can see it in his reactions when things happen to him.  When I come in in the morning and tell him I am here and say good morning to him he reacts by twitching his feet or slightly moving his arm or facial expressions. So I know he is "in there." He has a cousin that tells him his hunting stories.  He really twitches then.
     So if you read this, if you get up as early as I do, you can add to your prayers that my sister runs into the neurologist at work today.
     Thanks for all you do for us and including us in your fasting and  prayers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Waiting game!

Well last weekend they took Dad over to Utah Valley to have another EEG done.  This is to check the brain activity going on.  They are concerned about a few things, one of which is being seizures.  The EEG will tell us, A. If he is in a constant state of seizure.... which would be bad.  and B. If he even has any brain function.  We are of course hoping that he does.   Obviously!

The Dr. told us that we would hear back on Monday... so naturally, that is when we were expecting to hear whether our sweet Dad was even alive in his brain or not.  My mom was sick on Sunday and Monday so we took turns going in so that Dad wouldn't be alone.  

When I walked into the room,  I asked my grandma if we have heard anything back yet, the nurse piped in and said to not expect to hear anything soon.... She was NOT being very helpful, to put it lightly.  She also was a little tired of explaining why we didn't have the EEG results yet, and told me, and apparently all my siblings, that they probably wouldn't even be here till the end of the week. That they were doing all they could, so that there was no need for us to be asking them further about the results...    I was a little miffed.   I'm sorry, lady, for caring and wondering whether my dad was ok.  Heaven forbid.

Sorry for that little soap box!

Anyway, we are all just practicing our EXCELLENT patience, and will be waiting a little longer.   In the mean time, from an outsiders point of view... My Dad seems to be doing the same.  he is still twitching his left foot.  He still grinds his jaw, however he now wears a mouth guard,  and he still rolls his shoulders inward.  Today  we will be adding swallowing!  He reached his new record of swallowing 17 times.  Thats his most recent trick!  Way to go dad!

We are thankful continually for all the prayers and for the help we are constantly receiving!  We love you all very much!  It seems that when we hear that someone is praying or fasting it just shows me how much my dad means to all of you!  As well as how much our Savior loves us!  We are VERY blessed!  Thank you again.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Remember the Priesthood Blessings

    Things are getting a little harder for Randy the last couple of days.  He is still retaining fluid in his tissues.  They are giving him a diuretic every day now to help remove some of them.  His white blood count is up again so they started him on an antibiotic again.  They ran all the cultures again to try to find out where the infection is coming from.  He has fluid in his lungs so it is harder for him to breath.  They have not tried to take him off the ventilator at all for the last 2 days. They also have not done PT or Speech Therapy either. (Speech therapy is trying to help him learn to swallow again.) They have this machine they use on him to loosen the secretions in his lungs.  It's like a big vibrator but rougher.  They run it on his chest, then suction his trek.  He has started having "eppisodes" where things get a little crazy, his vital signs are off, and he looks like he is going into respiratory failure again.  The Dr thinks maybe he is having mini seisures because of his brain injury.  Today they took him by ambulance to Ut Valley Hospital and did a EEG on him to check if he was having them.  If he is then they would probably have to transport him to University of Utah hospital in SLC and put him on monitors full time to see if and when he is having seisures. We will probably not know the results of the EEG until Monday.  There has been no one to read the EEG results, as it is a weekend.
     When all of this happens and he is doing so poorly I just have to remember the Priesthood blessings he had that promised that he would return to full health and strength.  I put trust in the Lord and expect him to fulfil his promises.
     P.S. Thank you to all my sisters for the help in the garden.  It was fun to work along side with you. It takes a load off so I can spend my time with Randy. Thanks again, you are GREAT!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yes... it is getting late

     I should just go to bed but it is actually hard to go to bed when you're used to sleeping with your husband for the last 39 1/2 years, and now he sleeeps at the hospital and you can't sleep there. So instead I will procrastinate and give you an update on Randy.
          After that wonderful day of wakefullness and pain for Randy, things have settled back into a more normal state.  They gave him Morphine for his pain two times during the night.( Tues) It is a small dose, only 2 mg. half of what they usually give adults.  It just wiped him out!  He didn't open his eyes for the next two days( Wed and Thur).  His movements have been down.  He is retaining water and they are giving him a diuretic.  His lungs sound "course" as they call it so there is fluid in the lower lobes again.  His fever is still down.  All the cultures they sent in came back negative.  His Dr. discontinued his antibiotics today.  He had 2 bouts of sweating like crazy today.  They say that is a symptom of his muscles waking up more.  He was off the ventalator for 5 hours today . It wears him out breathing on his own.   I take breathing for granted, it comes so naturally for all of us healthy people.  They put a support band around his diaphram and give him a anti anxiety med so he doesn't get too worked up as they take the levels of support down and make him breath on his own.  There is a special RT (respiratory therapist) that watches his numbers and him closely the whole time.
  It is an up and down battle.  Some days are so encouraging and some are depressing.  But on the whole it is slowly getting a little bit better.
     Thank you for all your prayers and help.  That is what is keeping me sane, ... well as sane as I normally am.  We are all a little crazy at certain times in our lives and I am no exception.
     Love to you all.  Good night.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Good News

     First I would like to apologize for not posting  for a while.  Last week was a difficult week.  Randy had a fever all last week and was not doing very well.   Hence, that means  I was not doing very well either.  By the end of the week  I was downright  discouraged.  By Sunday I needed another blessing.  Both my sons were sick so they are not allowed in, so my two sweet son in laws came over and gave Randy, his mother and I all blessings.  Doug said that the recovery would hasten in Randy’s illness .  He told me to be strong and don’t be afraid to make decisions that Randy usually makes.  He also said I needed to let people help me because they are anxious to give me support in any way they can.  I should use their talents  to help me with  my needs and Randy’s recovery.   So true.   I guess I need to be a little more humble and less independent.  It is hard for me to have to ask for help, so I am being humbled.
      So here is the good news.  Sunday Randy was still doing poorly.  On Monday his temperature was down.  He was acting more awake and alert, and in more pain.  (bad part, but really good in a way, I'll explain later).  About 4 p.m. he opened his eyes, both of them at the same time and all the way open, focused on me for about 5 minutes.  His mom and I both started crying, because we haven’t seen them or any movement for a week now.   Not only this but he started moving his feet a little bit, and he moved his arms and neck a little also.  We were ecstatic!  They have morphine ordered for him when he needs it and I let them give him some.
      When the neuron sheaths around his muscles start to wake up it is very painful.  People who have had this say it is like a foot being asleep with pins and needles.  That is happening to every muscle in his body so it has got to be painful.  But it also means he is starting to get better and heal.  Hence, good and bad.
     Today when I went in he not only opened his eyes for me but he also moved his arms to answer questions I asked him.  I asked him,  “ if you can hear me move your arm.”  He moved it.  So I thought it was a fluke so I asked him on the other side, he moved it.  I have been reading him the scriptures when he has more wakeful moments and I asked him if he wanted me to read him the scriptures, he again moved his arm.  This is such good news as that means his brain involvement is also improving, along with his body. 

     Today I am happy I can share the GOOD NEWS  with you.  

Saturday, October 18, 2014


It is hard to post when things are the same.  He is still running a low grade fever, he is still recieving artibiotics.  The removed his IV and sent it to be tested to see if that is where the infection was coming from.  Then they started another IV.  The Physical Therapist is trying a vibrator to see if they can wake him up more. He is still drowsy and hasn't opened his eyes since the fever started.  When he doesn't feel well that slows all his responsiveness and reflexes.  Keep the faith, hopefull the removal of the IV line will resolve the fever issue and he will continue to impove. Love to you all for your prayers and faith in his behalf.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Be Positive

    My Children put up such better posts than I do.  They are not as computer illiterate  as I am.  They can put pictures and videos up. 
     Randy had a nurse today, in fact he has had her for the last two days.  She is so sweet and positive.  She says positive things about his improvement and I am sure Randy hears it too.  Positive reinforcement is so good for all of us.  At this hospital you can fill out "High Five Notes" for employees that go the extra mile.  I have filled out some and when they get them I can see a change in the staff.  They become even better that they were before.  This applies to all of us, with praise we improve and want to be better and when we  criticize we regress.  I hope Randy hears her praise, along with all his families praise on how well he is doing.  He is slowly improving.  His fever is going down, his white blood count in his blood is too.  He is moving his arms and neck a little, and he moves his jaw, like he is chewing or trying to talk.  His leg movement and eye opening are a little less.  

    My sweet daughter, Trisha, made a poster for him.  It is titled, "Get to know my Dad" It has pictures of him, camping, hiking, hunting, waterskiing, spending time with his children and grandchildren.  It has some of his favorite quotes, like "Life is good" and "If you're going to be dumb you got to be tough."  All the staff has only seen him when he is laying there, so now they will see what kind of guy he really is. Good job Trisha. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Angels Among Us

Dad was running a fever today. Trisha, Doug, and I went and saw him around 8 pm tonight, we talked with mom on the way over and she said she hasn't seen him move his feet today or open his eyes in the last couple of days.  Whenever Dad gets sick, he seems to digress some, I guess his body is busy fighting infection instead of regrowth of his myelin sheath around those nerves. DARN!  We went in expecting little since we knew he wasn't feeling well.  The good news is maybe Trisha and I are just loud and annoying enough to get a little rise out of him, because he moved his right foot, both his arms a little ( I have never seen him move those), moved his jaw some, turned his head from the side to the middle of the pillow, and we even got to see a little eye, just the right one.  He still has a fever but it did come down a little bit tonight from today.  They switched him to a high calorie diet instead of a high protein diet, hopefully to put a little bit of weight back on him.  His hands seemed to be less swollen today as well.
The last conversation I had with my Dad before he got sick, we were talking about the after life, he told me that there was no doubt in his mind that our ancestors are on the other side, and are very much involved in our lives here on this earth, he said he believed they were all around us, helping us out in times of need and trials.  A few years ago, as many of you know, my Dad lost his younger brother Mike unexpectedly,  they were very close and this was really hard on my dad.  It gives me peace to know that he has someone really close to him on the other side helping him through this difficult time, there is no doubt in my mind he is there, along with his Dad and many others who have passed before him.  I'm grateful, he had a testimony of that and shared that with me right before all this happened.  It seems that God knows what the future holds, and what we need to hear to get us through it.

Here's a song that seemed fitting to me:

Here's the link if it doesn't work because I am computer dumb :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Still got the fever

     Randy had a hard day today.  He is still running a low grade fever.  The respiratory therapist tried to take him off the ventilator.  It only lasted about 15 minutes, then they had to put him back on again.  They gave him some morphine,  a very small dose, but it still wipes him out.  They thought that would help him be able to stay off the ventilator longer, in case his high respirations were because of pain.  No , it didn’t work so they put him back on.  When he is fighting anything else except the Bickerstaff Encephalitis he can’t do much.  He didn’t even open his eyes, or move his feet at all.  Kind of discouraging but I know all will work out in the end.  Thanks for all your prayers. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pneumonia .... again

     They have been trying to wean Randy off the ventilator for the last few days.  Yesterday he started to run a fever.  Today they did a chest X-Ray and found a little bit of fluid in one lobe of his lungs.  They started him on a different type of antibiotic and turned his ventilator up to support his breathing better.  This is the third time they have tried to turn his ventilator down and the third time he has developed fluid in his lungs after doing it.  I think I will point that out to the Dr. tomorrow when I see him.  They need to wean  him off it at a slower pace.    When he gets  pneumonia all his movements slow down.   It is frustrating to me, but on the whole he is moving a little more all the time. 
     Another thing that is weird about this illness is that one day he will be moving his feet a little and then the next few days he won’t move them at all and he will turn his head or twitch his arms a little.  Just because he can move one thing one day doesn’t mean he will be able to do it tomorrow. 

     Thank you for fasting and praying for him today.  I appreciate it. I told him that they were doing a stake wide fast for him.  I hope he heard me. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Physical Therapists or Physical Terrorists?

    Today the PT, (Physical Therapist) came in and worked with Randy.  He is trying to wake him up and have him move his muscles.  One of the first ways peoples muscles work is to annoy him so they have a withdrawal from things they don’t like,  like cold or pain.  He put a ice pack on his head.  Randy moved his head to withdraw from it.  Then he put it on his arms and legs, he moved them also.  Yes he didn’t like it,  but he moved to get away from it. 
    They said he would be worn out for about 3 days after they moved him and that has been  true.  He has moved less since the move.  Today will be three days so it will be interesting to see if he starts moving more today.   
     They are trying to wean him off the ventilator.  When they tried before it was unsuccessful.  He wasn’t ready yet.  They are doing it a little slower this time.   
       I hung the “Get well Bishop, We Love You” pictures up of the Primary in his room.  I showed them to him when he had an eyes ½ way open moment.  I think he liked them.  I know the nurses did. 
      Please remember him in your prayers this fast Sunday .  I think when you fast and pray it is like prayers on steroids.  I can’t wait to see how much he improves after this week .
       Thank you for all the service that you have been doing for our family.  We really appreciate it. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Only for the Princesses

Randy had a "tired" day today.  They said this might happen.  When you move someone it really wears them out and they don't do much for about 3 days.  This is his second day from the move from St. Marks Hospital.  He wouldn't open his eyes or move much of anything for anyone.  I told the Physical Therapist that he only moves for the Princesses.  (This means his daughters or daughters in law.)  Lisa, one of the Princesses, came in tonight.  She started talking to him and he tried to open his eyes.  He only got one of them 1/2 way open but he tried.   He also tried to open them when Richard and Janel came to visit him  this morning. Yep, they are some of the Princesses.

New people working with Dad

     When Kati has a date or homework she doesn't blog, therefore she had a date and I am filling in for her.  I am getting to know all the new people working with Randy.  They are also great.  I'm educating them on his treatment and care.  He seems to be about the same.  Richard and Janell  drove 14 hours(one way) to see him because it is their fall break. Thanks for your prayers

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Great Day to Move

Welp it's official!!  Dad is back in Provo!  He has moved to his new home!  Utah Valley Specialty Clinic!

I was obviosly thrilled that he was able to be closer to home, and naturally went immediatly over to see him!.   and was welcomed by this beautiful site! 


I Love seeing his EYES!  I have inherited my eyes from him!  So it's nice to see that they are still brown, and as his brother used to always say,
 "You know what brown eyes mean right?? It means you're full of crap!"  
Well said uncle Mike!! :) 

This new place is really is pretty fancy!!  His ventilator no longer sounds like Darth Vador!  And he has a beautiful view of the prettier Wasatch Mountains! ( because they are in Utah Valley)   They are full of fall colors!  We told him that we were going to bring his spotting scope in and then tell him about what we are seeing on the mountains.   Hopefully that will encourage him for a quick recovery :)  

As you know, Dad can't talk, so naturally we are getting really good at interpretting his new language called the 'foot wiggle'  :)  he wiggles his feet when he likes something.  He wiggles them when he doesn't like something.  the key is knowing which is which.  :)  Lots of wiggles means he is happy. 

It was cute to see him wiggle his feet as I talked to him and read to him.   I read Joshes letter to him and he always likes that.  As well as from the Book of Mormon.   In Alma.  I am currently reading about Ammon when he was rejoicing in his God.   Anyway as I was reading to my dad I really liked these verses. (both feet were twitching like crazy and even his hand twitched :) )

Alma 26: 6-7

6. Yea, they shall not be beaten down by the storm at the last day; yea, neither shall they be harrowed up by the whirlwinds; but when the storm cometh they shall be gathered together in their place, that the storm cannot penetrate to them' yea, neither shall they be driven with fierce winds whithersoever the enemy listeth to carry them.

7. But Behold, they are in the hands of the Lord of the harvest, and they are his; and he will raise them up at the last day.

I'm only sharing that cause he was moving a lot when I read that!   I mostly loved when it says that we are His!  I know that our family is being watched over, and that we are often going through storms in this life. However I also realize that I often forget whose I am.  God is in control, and He is the one that is in charge.    I am very grateful for this oppurtunity that I had to remember that. 

Thanks again for the prayers!  Even though my dad is down here and a lot closer to home.  We still ask that he doesn't have any visitors, he is not ready for that.  Thank you for your respect in that manner. :)   

We will let you know when that changes. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Same every day?

      Randy seems almost the same to me every day, probably because I see him every day.  Ray was one of his visitors yesterday.  He hadn't seen him since Monday.  He said he looked better than 6 days ago.  He told me because I see him every day I don't notice the differences, kind of  like little kids,  If you don't see them for a month you notice their growth, but seeing them every day you don't notice.  He is moving his feet more.  He resisted a little when they were moving his arms during physical therapy, but he didn't open his eyes at all today, only 1/2 way when moving him.  
     James Chadwick,  our foster son, came to see him.  James loves Randy tons. He doesn't really have a testimony of Priesthood Blessings, so it is hard on him to see him so fragile.  I am so grateful that I have a testimony of them.  I have complete faith that he will completely recover his health and strength. It is what has kept me from despair and discouragement. 
   Here is a quote from Josh's letter I got today.

  "Be strong and of good courage!!! 
I know that we reach a point in our lives where we need a trials to progress further spiritually.. I know!!! that dad will be ok and that brother Lindley’s blessing  that he gave dad was not from him but was truly directed by the spirit and is meant for dad so that he can still progress in this life  to have compassion for the sick people in this world... and for the fellow ward members that are dealing with illnesses in the ward.”

Boy missionaries get smart. So now you know that Josh is doing OK on his mission and is doing fine being gone from our family while his Dad is sick.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A work out day

     Randy had a lot of visitors today.  Not for most people but for him it was a lot.  Marcy and Spencer came.  Randy has a special spot for Marcy, kinda like his own daughters,  He opened his eyes for them.  Then Kati came and he opened his eyes for her.
Lisa and Doug came and he opened his eyes for them too.   He did do something cool for Lisa and Doug.  Doug asked him if he could hear him to move his right foot and he did it.  Then he said move your left foot and he moved his right one again,  Doug said, "not your right foot, your left one, then Randy moved his left one.  Great hugh?  Then Ray came about an hour later and he was just too tired to open his eyes or do anything else.  He was so tuckered out for the rest of the day.  He's got a long way to go to run 3 miles every day.  Patience is a virtue. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

"I love you"

   Today I went up and listened to conference with Randy.  This was a "sleepy day"  I only saw 1/2 of one eyelid opening for a short time.  I do think he slept some of the time during conference but so did his mom.  Usually I have a hard time staying awake.  Today during the 2nd sesson of conference I gave Randy a manicure.  When you don't move your hands for a month they get a lot of skin build up on them.  Kind of like when you take a cast off from a broken bone, lots of skin to sluff off.  Once I got a little close when I was scraping the excess skin off from beneath his fingernails and he pulled his arm away from me.  I must have hurt him.  But it was cool to see him move a little.

Friday, October 3, 2014

same ol same ol

Today he was exactly the same as yesterday!  Which is WAY better than being worse! The soonest that he can be moved is monday! That is, assuming the insurance company allows it!  ie please add them to your prayers as well!   

 That is all! 
Oh wait :)  Tomorrow we will be watching (listening) to conference! We are so excited! I'm sure Dad is the most excited!  He will get to fill that little spirit cantene that I'm sure he's been feeling deprived of. :)  

Thank you again for the prayers!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Yes, he has beautiful brown eyes!

Today was a wonderful day with Randy.  He opened his eyes for about 2 hours.  And I don't mean he half way opened them, they were all the way open.  And he also focused his eyeballs and looked at me for about 2 minutes, then they would get too tired and they would roll all over, then he would focus again.  It was so good to be able to tell he was actually awake.  I read him lots of this months Ensign, since I forgot his I pad and couldn't read him the scriptures. I read him some of the get will cards the Primary kids made him.  He looked like he enjoyed it and listened. Isn't that great!  I hope he keeps it up.  He is still not moving his arms or hands at all.  He jerks his feet.  His feeding tube is working great.  They can give him liquid Tylenol through it. Small simple progress. :)!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PEC tube completed

     Randy's septus has improved enough that they did is PEC tube today.  If you don't know what a PEC tube is it is a feeding tube that goes directly from his abdomine into his stomach.  So it is not going down through his nose and throat anymore.  They like to do them when they will be on a feeding tube for an extended time.  He went down to radiology where they do the procedure at 8:30 a.m.  It is amazing what they have to do to move him.  They have to put all the machines he is hooked to onto portable machines and then they stack them on his bed or roll them behind the bed.  Then a respiratory therapist, and his nurse have to go down with him to watch all the monitors while they do the procedure.  They stay with him the whole time.  There is hardly room in the bed for him.  I watched a U tube video of the procedure the night before.  You can find out anything on U tube. I didn't want to see them do that to someone I know personally.  They say it is not too bad to recover from, just like a stuff muscle.
    The Dr's said they could move him to a ICU rehad now but the Insurance Company is not cooperating now.  They have to submit their approvial again.  They said they hadn't recieved their premium for Oct yet (It's the 1st) and they couldn't approve the move without it.  I checked my bank statement and it was automatically withdrawn today, just like normal.  You would think they would want to save themselves thousands of dollars and move him sooner than later.  It will probably be the weekend until they get the approval and they have weekends off so they don't do it then either.  I guess I better unclude the Insurance Co in my prayers. Or maybe the Lord knows best and he isn't supposed to move yet.  Maybe there is something that will come up that he needs to be in the hospital for.  Who knows. I guess I will still include them in my prayers that they will do what's right at the right time.  This is really all in the Lord's hands, I trust in him.  Bless you all for your prayers for him.