Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Be Positive

    My Children put up such better posts than I do.  They are not as computer illiterate  as I am.  They can put pictures and videos up. 
     Randy had a nurse today, in fact he has had her for the last two days.  She is so sweet and positive.  She says positive things about his improvement and I am sure Randy hears it too.  Positive reinforcement is so good for all of us.  At this hospital you can fill out "High Five Notes" for employees that go the extra mile.  I have filled out some and when they get them I can see a change in the staff.  They become even better that they were before.  This applies to all of us, with praise we improve and want to be better and when we  criticize we regress.  I hope Randy hears her praise, along with all his families praise on how well he is doing.  He is slowly improving.  His fever is going down, his white blood count in his blood is too.  He is moving his arms and neck a little, and he moves his jaw, like he is chewing or trying to talk.  His leg movement and eye opening are a little less.  

    My sweet daughter, Trisha, made a poster for him.  It is titled, "Get to know my Dad" It has pictures of him, camping, hiking, hunting, waterskiing, spending time with his children and grandchildren.  It has some of his favorite quotes, like "Life is good" and "If you're going to be dumb you got to be tough."  All the staff has only seen him when he is laying there, so now they will see what kind of guy he really is. Good job Trisha. :)

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