Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yes... it is getting late

     I should just go to bed but it is actually hard to go to bed when you're used to sleeping with your husband for the last 39 1/2 years, and now he sleeeps at the hospital and you can't sleep there. So instead I will procrastinate and give you an update on Randy.
          After that wonderful day of wakefullness and pain for Randy, things have settled back into a more normal state.  They gave him Morphine for his pain two times during the night.( Tues) It is a small dose, only 2 mg. half of what they usually give adults.  It just wiped him out!  He didn't open his eyes for the next two days( Wed and Thur).  His movements have been down.  He is retaining water and they are giving him a diuretic.  His lungs sound "course" as they call it so there is fluid in the lower lobes again.  His fever is still down.  All the cultures they sent in came back negative.  His Dr. discontinued his antibiotics today.  He had 2 bouts of sweating like crazy today.  They say that is a symptom of his muscles waking up more.  He was off the ventalator for 5 hours today . It wears him out breathing on his own.   I take breathing for granted, it comes so naturally for all of us healthy people.  They put a support band around his diaphram and give him a anti anxiety med so he doesn't get too worked up as they take the levels of support down and make him breath on his own.  There is a special RT (respiratory therapist) that watches his numbers and him closely the whole time.
  It is an up and down battle.  Some days are so encouraging and some are depressing.  But on the whole it is slowly getting a little bit better.
     Thank you for all your prayers and help.  That is what is keeping me sane, ... well as sane as I normally am.  We are all a little crazy at certain times in our lives and I am no exception.
     Love to you all.  Good night.


  1. Such good news!! We believe in our Uncle Randy!! Can't wait to see him. Much love to you Aunt Marie!! -Candace