Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Same as Sunday

I know a lot of people are reading this and it was suggested to me by my Brother in Law that if there is no change that I should post it because people are looking and wondering every day.  So I will say that he is the same and the antibiotics are working good on his blood infection.  They did do a heart sonagram of him and his heart looks good, (sometimes with strep septis it can effect the heart)
Thank goodness for small miracles.  They also had to replace his feeding tube as his was blocked.
They are eventually going to have to put a feeding tube in that goes into his abdominal wall directly to his stomach or small intestine, I don't know which, but they won't do that untill his septus is cleared up.  Love to all, keep the faith.


  1. Thanks for the updates, Marie and Katie! I check every day and update my family on all the news at dinner. We are especially praying that Randy will be responsive enough for him to get the best care possible. We know this is a hard thing for all of the family do deal with and you are in our prayers as well. Paul & Ed are doing a great job taking care of the ward's needs, too, so you can tell the Bishop we are in good hands. I sure love you guys, and your faith and diligence are an inspiration to me!

    Mary Cole