Saturday, September 27, 2014

One small movement at a time!

As you all heard yesterday, my dad has been lately getting the hiccups.   They all said that it was a good thing because that meant that he was getting his breathing muscles back!  They say when you have GBS you lose sensation from your feet to your head, and then regain sensation from your head to you feet!

As of right now pretty much everything is attrophied.  So he is really weak, nearly paralyzed.   That being said, on thursday he moved his arm. it was on a pillow at his side and he was able to flop it over onto his stomach.   Also good news is that normally you will see little nerve twitches throughout his whole body.  What has changed is that he slightly moved his foot..   It almost seems as though he is testing his body seeing what moves and what doesn't.  They arent big movements but they are movements all the same.  

His vision still is not working right.   Most of the time when I go in there he has one eye halfway open.  Once it seemed like he was looking at me.... but I really think I was just standing where his eye happened to be floating that day.. :)  I will take what I can get though!

I can't wait for him to be moved down here so that he will be closer to home.   I know you all wish to see him.   Right now is still not the best time.   When he is conscious and stuck in a bed, I'm sure he will be bored out of his gored and would probably enjoy seeing visitors.   But for now he is still resting as much as he can.

Thank you all again for the prayers. :)  We are continually feeling very blessed everyday.

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