Thursday, September 18, 2014

In Case you missed the Facebook updates Aug31-Sept 18

Aug 31
Dad update: for those of you who don't know and care to know, my dad is in the hospital, he's been sick, starting about 2 weeks ago, and just worked through it living normal, like he normally does, until tuesday. Then he couldn't ignore it anymore and started sleeping all day, his skin was achy all over, then his joints started hurting, and his eyes, with a extreme case of vertigo. My mom took him to the dr. on wednesday and they told him it was the flu. he didn't get better so yesterday morning he was taken to the ER. they ran some tests, then took and MRI, then did a spinal tap, and found white blood cells in his spine, which means he has meningitis. He has now been admitted to the Hospital for the next 2-3 days while they wait for the culture samples to come back to tell us if it is bacterial meningitis, or viral. We are hoping for viral! His left optic nerve is inflamed so he is seeing double, so he will be meeting with a neurologist on tuesday. This is all I know for now, I will keep you all updated as I hear things. Please Keep him in your prayers. Also please no visitors due to the fact that he is incredibly weak, and has potential to be highly contagious.
Sept 1
Father update: we got the tests back and he has Aseptic meningitis, Which means that it is the viral meningitis. Which means its not the highly contagious one. However, he is still is not up for visitors. He will probably be in the hospital for a little while longer.  Thank you all for your prayers, they are being felt!
Sept 2
Dad Update: Mama Bear came out today, The timpanogus dr wouldnt let dad see a neurologist or an infectious disease dr. so she had him transfered up to St Marks hospital today so they could work with doctors who would work with her. He is doing a little worse today, and is not able to walk. Please still no visitors, he is not up for it. thank you for the prayers, they are very much appreciated during this time of need
Sept 3
Papa update: last night the left side of his body started going numb. He could wiggle his toes, but that's it! Today he is having a hard time swallowing, and breathing, so today he was put on oxygen, and given a feeding tube. They took another MRI with more contrast to see if they can see anything else, and did another spinal tap. Thank you all for the prayers! We are very grateful! And continually amazed at the love that we have felt this past week! Please keep them coming!
Sept 4
update on my dadio: today has been an emotional rollarcoaster... well this whole week has, but today is nothing new. I talked to my mom this morning and she told me nothing had changed. This made me really optimistic. Then she called me around 2 and told me that his breathing had gone down, and they were putting him on a venitilator and that he was getting moved to the ICU where he will be in an induced coma. Turns out one of his lungs had collapsed, and he has pneumonia. turns out he also has sepsis. This was bad news. I then went up to see him and I realized how blessed we were! He is looking so much better, he is able to breath without sounding like hes under water, and he is getting so many antibiotics and other things that are helping him heal all over. My aunt said that this could possibly help more than what we know is going on. My mom also has to be out of there by 8, so she is getting the rest she needs. He also moved his left hand AND his left leg. (He lost that function on tuesday) so that is good. We are so very thankful for your prayers, and we are learning everyday that God works in mysterious ways. Thank you again for your love and support! I assure you that it means so much to us all
Sept 5
latest with my pops: they are now treating dad for something called gillian-barre syndrom. its like an auto-immune disease that attacks the peripheral nervous system, and it goes away. So thats good. It is treated with immunoglobulin infusions via IV. He has already started this treatment. This is something that once its done can take anywhere from 1-12 months of therapy. However people do overcome this. they can get back to where they were. We are hopeful with this treatment. please keep him in your prayers! They are being felt! and we are continually amazed at the love that is being shown to our family at this time of need!
Sept 7
fatherly update: sorry I didn't post yesterday... we didn't know much. we won't know how his treatment is working till tomorrow. and either today or tomorrow they are planning on giving him a trach tube. This will help him regain his speech better, it will help the staff be able to clean out his lungs better, he will be able to be weaned off his vent. AND he might not have to be sedated for one of those. also chicks dig scars. so thats a bonus. even though he doesn't need one for mom to like him. and I qoute "He's still got it" said as she is patting his arm in the ICU! He is wearing feet orthotics to prevent his foot drop. I think this is all. thank you for the prayers! and for all the help with everything
Sept 7
news about my dad: according to my brother, fasting is like praying but on steroids! today has been a great day for my dad! so thank you for your prayers! they ARE helping! today he opened his eyes and focused on my mom ( for the last week whenever he would open his eyes, they would just roll all around) and when they came in to test his reflexs, he moved his big toe. Also when the nurse came in to take care of his oral health he didn't like it and moved his right arm half way to his mouth to stop her. This is great news! The respiratory therapist came in and didn't have to suction out his lungs and said they were sounding great, and they his blood work came back negative... I'm pretty sure that means he is not septic anymore! Thank you thank you thank you for the prayers! these may seem like small things, but they are truly steps in the right direction!
Sept 8
Dad is still stabilized, he is still in the ICU, however the new dr there decided that they wanted to wait a little bit before giving him a trach, so we will see what happens in the next couple of days! Thanks again for the prayers!
Sept 9
Dad news: today dad is still doing about the same! He opened his eyes a little bit more, and was looking around at the ceiling. He will probably be getting a trach tomorrow. The Dr decided that it was time. They are just waiting to for the OR dr to have time.  please keep the prayers coming :))
Sept 11
update on the pops: He can officially be added to the trach club! he got one today! He is a little tired, so the machines are breathing for him today so he doesn't have to use his energy for that. His blood pressure is really stable so they got to removed his arterial line (i guess it measured his blood pressure??) and when the nurse was pulling off the tape from his arms ( poor guy) he reached one arm across his body about an inch from his other arm. He lifted his head and even mouthed the words "ow". Now he just as a normal blood pressure cuff. He is not sedated, but is pretty out of it still. He is improving a little more each day. I think he is already relieved that he doesn't have a vent going down his throat now. Thanks again for the prayers  They are helping more than you know! 
Sept 12
whats new with dad: Today when the Nurse was checking all reflexs he moved his feet. Thats great news. Also they are trying to move him to Utah Valley Specialty hospital, down by the riverwoods! They need to work things out with insurance first, but it's an extended care facility AND it's way closer to home! If he can be moved, then it will be hopefully on monday!
Sept 13
Dad update: This is Marie posting this this evening. I went up today and Randy has been very unresponsive for the last 2 days. Ever since they put his Trach in. The Dr's said sometimes when you're real sick it takes a lot longer for the anethesic to wear off. He is also having a low grade fevor that they don't know where it is coming from. The Dr. ordered another MRI of the lower spine and a cat scan today. They are trying to move him to an extended care ICU facility. The insurance should let us know by Monday, I hope. It is in the riverwoods, I think it's the same one Heidi Stay went to. They have rehab, and physical therapists, and all that stuff he will need in the future. He did move his right leg one time, just a little bit. which is great. He just sleeps all day.They haven't given him any sedatives for the last week, it's just his own bodies sickness that is sedating him. I appreciate all your prayers on his behalf. I can feel their power and comfort. Thanks to all you ward members who have helped Kati and I. To the coming home to a clean house to mowed lawn to cookies on the front steps, to a rototilled garden and filling in on my church calling and especially to Br Abbott and Ruder who are stepping up and filling in on all Randy's bishop jobs. Thanks, you are a great ward family and wonderful neighbors!
Sept 14
Nightly fatherly update: Dad was really tired today, so he didn't participate in his therapy! They are going to do another another spinal tap tomorrow. He is doing about the same as he normally is! He was given a blessing today, and during the blessing he opened his eyes, and he was moving more than normal! All good signs! Hopefully we get good news about him moving down here tomorrow!
Sept 15
Dad update: Our insurance has approved him to move up to provo, however he is currently not stable enough yet. He is less responsive than he has been. They did another spinal tap and are running 4 more tests on his spinal fluid to see if they can figure it all out. thank you for the prayers. they are felt and needed.
Sept 17
Daddio update: sorry for the lack of post yesterday! Not much is happening, he is still the same. They did take a chest x-ray yesterday and his lungs look clear! No more pneumonia! He is still unresponsive. We are still waiting for the tests to come back. The lymphoma test was a negative, as well as the west nile virus.  That is all we can think of, sorry that not much has happened. thank you for the prayers and thoughts!

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