Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dad update - Tues Sept 16

As a a family, we decided to start a blog to keep all of our friends and family updated on what is going on with our wonderful dad, grandpa and husband, Randy Loveless.  

He was diagnosed with Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome (GBS) which is a disorder in which the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. He is currently in the ICU at St. Mark's Hospital. 

Here's the latest information that Marie sent to Josh on his mission:

Here is the news on your dad.  He is about the same except that now he has a trecheotomy, which means he has a hole in his neck to help him breath instead of a tube going down his throat.  It is alot better because because now it doesn't have to go past his gag reflex.  He looks a lot more comfortable.  He can move his arms a little bit and today he even moved one of his feet while Doug and Ray were giving him a blessing. He is still very sleepy and maybe opens his eyes one time  a day for about 5 secends, if we're lucky.  They are trying to get the insurance to accept him at a long term intensive care facility that is located at the Riverwoods complex in Provo by the mouth of Provo canyon  That would be so nice if that were to happen.  It would be so nice not to have to drive up to that freeway traffic.  They said I should know by tomorrow, Monday. He had another cat scan and MRI and they said they looked ok.  He is still running a low grade fever and that is not normal for GBS.  So they are still looking for where it is coming from. 

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and well-wishes.  We appreciate all of the support.

-Ray Loveless

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