Tuesday, September 23, 2014

He's still got it!

Ok so lets see!  Dad opened his eyes for roughly 30 seconds.   He focused them for maybe five seconds.  And he blinked when mom asked him to, not when the nurse asked him to.  Apparently he will do great things for love!  He is doing his treatments every other day.  Today was his day off.  his last plasma phoresis will be friday! We will hopefully be moving him on friday down to the Utah valley Specialty hospital.  He still is not really concious, and is not ready for visitors.  however since most of you want to see him anyway we are sharing him with you via camera. :)

As Mom says, "He's still got it!"  and he really is and always will be my cute little Papa.
He spends most of his days getting cool rags placed on his forehead, receiving foot massages from his Mama.  Listening to the ocean, Simon and Garfunkle, Mo-tab, and the little Mexican pipe music.  and listening to us ramble on about our non eventful lives, and my dating life(which he is getting WAY more information now that he is in a coma).  Normally it goes something like this:

Dad: How was your date??????!???!??
Me: It was good
Dad: Do you like him????!??
Me: Sure, He's nice.
Dad: Well what did you do?????!
Me: Um... (insert facts about what we did)
Dad: I'm just interested  in your life, I'm not hounding you.
Me: I don't think your hounding me
Dad: Do you owe Ice cream??????
Me:  What do you think?
Dad: what time did you come home last night.
ME: Now I think your hounding me.....  (I leave the room)  haha  

They are GREAT conversations.

I'm sure if he could talk he would first be telling you that he was fine,  and that he would be asking about how you all are doing and what funny things are happening in your lives,  and wondering about the different adventures everyone is going on.  He cares for all ward family and his family family.

We are super grateful for all the prayers.  They are felt by our whole family, and we are continually amazed at the love that is felt.   Thank you again.


  1. Wow your dad's last interview question is the same my dad used to ask me. Hurray for all of you concerned fathers!

  2. Kati, you are a great writer! Thank you so much for keeping us up to date. The cool rags and foot massages are truly a labor of love. Thank you so much for taking such good care of him. I'll bet he loves hearing all about your life and never dreamed he'd have to go to this extent to get all the details.

  3. Thanks for the updates, Kati! He is a strong fighter! Good to hear he will be moved closer to home.

  4. Your dad is constantly in our prayers. His name is on the temple prayer roll.

  5. Baby steps forward! I'm so glad he responds to your mom, that is so sweet. Thanks for the updates. We send our love and pray for him daily.

  6. So So happy to hear the updates! thanks cousin!!