Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dad likes Joshies mission letters

Dad is still very much the same, he rests most of the day, but mom says when us kids come and see him, he really seems to try hard to open his eyes and do little movements.  Today when Trisha and I saw him he was opening his eyes a lot more than normal, but wasn't able to controll the movement of those cute little eyeballs,  when he opens them just slighlty it looks like he can keep them straight and centered more but if he opens them wider, they tend to wander around.

We usually just ramble on about our boring lives, but every now and then we'll say something that seems to perk his interest more and he'll make a stronger attempt to move, I believe to let us know he's there.  Today I read Josh's last mission letter to him, he moved his right leg twice and tried to keep his eyes open almost the whole time I read his letter. 

We suggested Mom read him the scriptures, or ensign talks to him.  I have wondered if he may be on a spiritual low.  I know if I haven't been to church in a while or not had the sacrament for a while I seem to just need a boost,  I'm sure Dad probably feels the same. Today when we went in the nurses had the TV on for him and it was some dumb soap opera,  I laughed and told Dad I would turn it off, that would be enough to keep him in that coma, haha.   It will be nice to be able to watch conference next week with him, this way he can hear conference with us, like going to church,  I'm sure he misses it.

They are not feeding him for awhile to drain his stomach, then they'll replace the feeding tube he has in his nose and put a port in his tummy.  They said he needed to have an empty stomach to place that,  we are worried after they put him "under" while they place that tube, that it may be another week before he starts to "wake up" again.  Thanks so much for all the prayers!  

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  1. Love you guys!! Keep on reading those letters!!