Friday, September 19, 2014

A Day of MIracles

Well today I decided to fast for Randy, actually it was last night after supper.  I have always sturggled with fasting. It is very hard on me but as I was deciding the Holy Goost or my gardian angels said,"how hard is this on Randy at this time?  Fasting for you is nothing compard to what he is going through." So I felt I should do it and so I did.  So here are the small, maybe large, miracles that happened today.
    1. Troy called, my brother in law who is a neurologist, way smart, by the way.  Troy found out who the Neurologist was for that day and found his Fax # and got him some information on "Bickerstaff  Ensephlitis" and the Dr. was open enough to read and study it and Randy's case and agreed to do the different treatment for it, which is a big "pain in the neck" for him.   The Dr admitted he didn't even know how to go about getting it all set up, but said he'd figure it out and he did.  They don't even have that machine in their hospital.
     2. Lisa found a GBS support group on line and asked people about Dad's symptoms.  After they wake up all of them said they were in excruciating pain but were paralized so they could't say it to anyone.  Also that they were HOT!.  The Dr. agreed to give him pain meds, especially before they to Physical therapy on him.
     3. They wanted to transfer him to Provo to a rehab Hospital today and that has been postponed untill he gets this new treatment.  It's called Plasma Phreresis, by the way. and it's what they do to treat Bickerstaff Ensehlitis.  It's kinda like dialysis.  They take your blook out and "wash" it of it's antibodies.  Randy's own antibodies are attacking his myelin sheath around all his  muscles in his body, making them paralized so he can't move anything or very little.
     4. He got a new Physical therapist today that warned us about Randy's shoulders, she said we have to be extra careful with them now because she noticed his shoulder muscles have atrophed to a  point where  his shoulders could dislocate easily if you pulled on his arms at all while turning or positioning him.  Yikes!
     5. Also one of his previous nurses came and talked tome.  She encouraged me to not "move" him too quickly out of ICU to a rehab because he is not out of danger yet and not stable enough.  He has not gotten the right treatment for what's going on with him.  I've been praying to know what to do with him about moving.  I really want him to be closer down here,  I hate driving in rush hour traffic to SLC every day but I would hate even more to put Randy through one more minute of this that he already has to go through.
     So that's a lot of miracles today.  :)  Thank your Lord for keeping us in your sights and blessing us in this trial and for good people to watch over us.
     Thank you for all your prayers.  I can really feel comfort from  them, and as you can see Randy is being blessed for it.


  1. Thanks Marie. Thank goodness for Troy and that you have a humble neurologist at St Marks.

  2. We love you Marie. Keep being strong and faith filled.

  3. You are constantly on my mind and in my prayers.

  4. Thank you for updating us. So many prayers your way.