Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's a good day to have a good day

   " It's a good day to have a good day."  
      I got this advice in a letter the ward sent me from the ward Halloween party.  I don't know who wrote it but it is now posted on my fridge.  Even with all that is happening it is still a good day to have a good day.  I have been extremely blessed, mainly with the gospel and the perspective it gives to me. No matter what happens, this 9 weeks is only a small blip in the eternal scheme of things.  I know where I am going, and where I come from, and who I will be with, because of temple blessings I have recieved.  So it is a good day to have a good day.  I remember this!
   They are still doing more testing.  They did a CT scan of his chest all the way to his toes.  They found fluid in his right lung and they also found some clots and an absess.  So they put a drain in the absess. They also are doing a lung treatment that is kinda like blowing up a baloon.  They put pressure in and out like taking deep breaths.  Then they suction him out.. It is working great and they are loosening up a lot of secretions.  They also found clots in his legs.  They think when he was having a hard time breathing this last week at the L tack, and we were thinking he was having seisures that his clots were probably moving into his lungs. They have started him on a treatment of higher doses of heprin.
     We have gotten the results from the EEG.  He is not having seisures.  So that is good. We are still waiting on the results of his other tests and then the Dr.s will all get together and try to figure things out and try to see what he really has.
      I had Lisa and Kati up at the hospital today and it was a pretty wet day.  If one of us starts crying then it triggers the rest of us.  But we also had some pretty lively conversations and we were laughing a bunch too.
     Thanks for all your prayers and support.  I don't know how I am coping some days and I sure suspect it is from your prayers that is helping me get through this.  Thanks, love to all.

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  1. I wanted to let you know that we follow your blog and pray for Randy every day. We can hardly imagine how hard this is for you and Randy and your family. Your faith increases our faith. We love you. Ted and Lydia