Saturday, November 8, 2014


Today Randy had a EMG.  This monitors how the nerves function in your brain.  It also shows how your nerves function in your mylon sheaths surrounding the muscles.  They found out yesterday that Randy's mylon sheaths around his muscles work fine.  But the nerve impulses from his brain are not firing right.  That proves he has not got Gillian Berre or Brickerstaff.  His MRI showed abnormalities in his brain stem and they are trying to figure out why.  So his brain is not telling his muscles to work.  They also got one result that said he doesn't have one type of West Nile Virus.

Sorry so short but I've got to head up to the hospital.

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  1. We love you. We love you more than you know. It's hard being so far, but know that you are loved anyway.